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Social Networks of new Amsterdam citizen

A multi-year research project focusing on ‘new’ citizen of Amsterdam and their social network: the social relationships and connections they make, and to what extent they are part of, shape and contribute to Amsterdam city life.

What We Do

– Relevance –
A city’s social fabric influences the quality of life in, and success of a city. The recent influx of new Amsterdam citizen, mainly coming from abroad, will possibly shape the city’s social fabric in another way. We want to know how and what it means to all aspects of a city in function.

– Goal –
To understand how processes of creating social networks go in Amsterdam. We want to gather recommendations on how this could go (more) socially just by getting an understanding of mechanisms of exclusion, selection processes and other rules and laws that shape the development of social networks.

– Motive –
Since 2017 the amount of foreign settlers is bigger than the amount of domestic settlers. Amsterdam is a popular city, in 2019 it got 80.000 new settlers from whom 50.000 are from abroad. Most settlers now are from ‘Western’ countries. This all must have an influence on a city’s social functioning.

– Corona –
It is inevitable that the current corona crisis is going to influence this research. How does the development of social networks work during times of social distancing? How does the crisis influence the development of social networks to new Amsterdam citizen?

Get to know our researchers

Jaap Draaisma

  • Social Geographist
  • Amsterdam
  • Developer & advisor cultural real estate
  • Buro stad en beeld

Quirina Geijsen

Having just finished my Master’s in Social and Cultural Anthropology I have taken on an interest in Urban Spaces and the people dwelling in them. I am interested in peoples’ stories, their social networks and why whatever means something to them.

  • Cultural anthropologist
  • Social and Cultural development
  • City, Space & Politics
  • Citizen’s initiative

Hugo Post

  • Sociologist
  • Rotterdam
  • Initiator network organisation UitjeZelf


We are in contact with the Centre of Urban Studies that’s part of the Universiteit van Amsterdam and Bureau OIS (onderzoek, informatie en statistiek) that’s part of the municipality of Amsterdam.

Untill now we remain independent. This has certain advantages. Do you want to start having a conversation about a possible collaboration? Please contact us!

Get in contact with us if you have questions or want to contribute via: